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Manage Your Portfolio Online with MX ISO/Agent!

MX ISO/Agent is a powerful portfolio management tool that gives you total control over all of your financial data. Priority provides this critical tool to help you grow a profitable portfolio.

MX ISO/Agent allows you to:

  • Manage and commission down-line portfolios
  • Submit applications
  • Update accounts
  • Track daily volume, ACH, chargebacks, retrievals and other indicators for every merchant in your portfolio
  • See current history and depository info on every client
  • Run detailed compensation analysis to identify profitable merchants and head off problems
  • Real-time system to system interface available
  • Customize MX ISO/Agent with neutral brand or your company name and logo

We also provide sophisticated online tools for your clients. Detailed reporting and analysis helps them - and you - keep better track of their business.

See for yourself how much power and control you'll have with MX ISO/Agent.

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